Turf Installation

Turf Installation Near Me

Are you looking for a professional turf installation company near you? Look no further than the professionals at JMH Turf. Our company offers our clients an extensive range of services that can accommodate their needs, including installation, repair, and replacement.

What Is Turf Installation?

Artificial turf installations are a popular way to add coverage and durability to various surfaces. Turf installation can be a complex process that requires the use of specific equipment and skills.

This has become a favored choice for many homeowners because it is easy to install, looks like real grass, and lasts for many years with proper care.

Turf Installation
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Installing Grass Turf

What are the benefits of installing turf?

There are many benefits to installing turf, including the following: 


  • Turf is a sustainable option that can last for many years.
  • Turf is a comfortable surface that can be used in any weather condition.
  • Turf often requires less maintenance than other surfaces, making it a cost-effective option.
  • Turf can be used in both commercial and residential settings.
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What turf installation services do you offer?

Turf installation is a key component of any sports facility.


We provide a wide range of turf installation services to meet the needs of any facility. From field replacement to construction, we have you covered.


Our services include Turf Installation, Paver Installment, Backyard landscaping design, front yard landscaping design, Rock landscaping, hardscaping, retaining wall, irrigation system installation, and outdoor step construction.

Installing Synthetic Turf

Types Of Artificial Turf

Nylon Artificial Turf

Nylon artificial turf is popular for sports fields, schools, and other public areas. The turf is tightly woven of artificial fibers to create a realistic surface.

Nylon artificial turf is resistant to wear and tear, making it a popular choice for frequently used areas.

This turf can be installed quickly and easily, making it an excellent choice for busy locations.

polyethylene artificial turf

Polyethylene Artificial Turf

Polyethylene Artificial Turf is the most realistic-looking grass available and behaves the most like real grass.

It is a synthetic turf that has been engineered to look and feel like natural turf.

Polyethylene Artificial Turf offers a variety of applications, such as athletic fields, golf courses, airports, schools, and hotels.

Polypropylene Artificial Turf

Polypropylene Artificial Turf

Polypropylene artificial turf is the most affordable artificial grass on the market. It is a low-pile option that can be installed in any climate.

Polypropylene Artificial Turf is a durable and affordable option for sports facilities. The turf can be easily cleaned and provides a consistent playing surface.

Polypropylene artificial turf is also fire resistant, making it a preferable option for locations with high safety standards.

How Much Does Turf Installation Cost?

Professional artificial turf installation begins at the $6,000 mark for a 500-square-foot lawn. For larger areas, the price increases. Artificial turf installation price also depends on the type of turf and whether or not it needs to be professionally installed.

How Long Does It Take To Install Turf?

The time range to install turf depends on how large the area is. However, for a guesstimation, you can expect a 1000 sq/ft area in about 2 to 3 days.

Artificial Turf Installation Near Me

JMH turf is the leading artificial turf company in the Tolleson area. We offer a wide variety of synthetic turf options for high-quality athletic fields and playgrounds to residential properties. Contact us today to learn more!

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Common Questions About Turf Installation

When considering what kind of turf to install, homeowners should consider their property’s specific needs. For example, an artificial turf surface may be a better option than grass if a property has a lot of traffic. Additionally, homeowners should consider their budget and what type of maintenance they would like to do.

Whether you are a pet-owner or just curious about the safety of turf for pets, it’s important to know that turf is safe for them. Turf is safe for pets if adequately maintained.


Turf is a popular choice for yards as it is durable and can withstand any wear and tear inflicted by your pet’s claws.

When deciding whether or not turf installation is the right service for you, ask yourself if you have any needs related to your lawn. For example, does your lawn need extra water? Is it in need of repair? If so, these issues might be better handled with a service like irrigation or landscaping.